Questions + Answers


Do you you travel?

Absolutely! We love to travel and tell stories wherever our amazing couples want to go! We only charge a travel fee when we need to book a hotel, book a flight, or have to stay in an area for a prolonged amount of time.

What makes Flagship Studios stand out?

We pride ourselves on providing our couples with a stress free experience form start to finish. We want to make your day perfect, not add stress to it in anyway. Combining an amazing experience with our unique take on wedding videography is what we do best. Not only are you going to receive an amazing wedding film but you’re going to love the process from start to finish!

What makes your FILMS different?

Our wedding films are a little different than the industry standard. We don’t create your typical “highlight film.” We specialize in creating Short Wedding Films. These films are so much more than just a music video. Each film is a story. It’s not about documenting every detail of the day for us. It’s about taking your day and turning it into an entertaining story. We want to create something that you’re going to want to watch again and again! Our films are long enough to show off the whole day but short enough to remain awesome from start to finish.

Do you create long wedding films (15, 30, 60 minutes)?

We specialize in creating cinematic short wedding films. These films are generally 3-8 minutes long. They are long enough to tell the whole story of the day and short enough to be awesome from start to finish. We do not offer longer films in our packages. In our Flagship Dream Package we do have a Full Ceremony Film, Full First Dances Film, and Full Toasts Film on top of your short wedding film + RAW Footage!

Do you charge extra for drones?

No! We see our drones as one of our many tools to craft an amazing wedding film. We do not charge for them. As long as the weather is nice and your venue fits the FAA rules and regulations we’re happy and excited to capture some amazing drone footage!

Do you charge extra for 4K footage?

Nope! Three out of Four of our packages are shot and delivered in full 4K resolution!

How long until I get to see my wedding film?

Our delivery times depend heavily on the time of year. During the peaks of wedding season our couples generally receive their short wedding films in 3 weeks from their wedding date. In the slower months our couples usually get to see their short wedding film within 1 - 2 weeks of their wedding day! This can sway a little bit since we’re never going to sacrifice quality just so we can have a super fast delivery.

Do I get to pick my videographer?

Absolutely! We have an amazing team of rockstar wedding videographers. You will know exactly who your lead videographer is before you ever commit to booking with us.

How often can we chat about my wedding?

We absolutely LOVE to talk about weddings! So, we can talk as much or as little as you want during the time leading up to your wedding. You can call, text, email, Facebook message or even send a messenger owl if you wish! However, if you prefer to have your space and only talk to us when you need too… we’re totally cool with that too!

Are you insured?

Yep! We’re fully insured and can supply your venue with a COI upon request.

What is RAW footage?

RAW footage is everything we shoot on your wedding day. The good the bad and as the night goes on… the hilarious. We generally shoot 3-6+ hours of footage. Since our films are 3-8 minutes there is a lot of footage left over. All of that is your RAW footage! We chop it up into 60 minute video clips and deliver it on an external hard drive when your full package is shipped!

Do you offer cash discount?

Nope. However we do accept cash, check, and/or credit card payments. Either way we have to charge the appropriate taxes.

Ive never been to a wedding with a videographer… what should I expect?

This is actually a great question! So wedding videography has changed a ton! The days of a creepy guy with a huge camera are long gone. We basically blend right in with your photographers. 90% of the time we’re just hanging out with you capturing candid moments. Every now and then we will give some direction but for the most part we let your photographer take the lead on that. Everyone here is a team player. So we work extremely well with all of your vendors. Our goal is to make sure your day is perfect. We’re not going to add any stress to the day. We’re going to stay as unobtrusive as possible and in the end we’re going to create a killer film for you!

When should I book my videographer?

Right meow! Im kidding. But, we do have a tendency to book up extremely fast. On popular dates we are often booked 1 even 2 years in advance. As soon as you have a wedding date… reach out! We love to talk about weddings so we can’t wait to talk to you. The sooner the better!

How does the booking process work?

Easy! Once you’ve decided you love our films, we chat, and we all feel we’re the perfect fit for your wedding… we’ll get the contracts going. Everything is digital and easy. Once the contracts are signed and your $200 retainer is paid, we’re all set!