The Flagship Studios Production Crew

Meet our wedding day team leads! Each member of the Flagship team is committed to making your wedding as stress free and amazing as possible! We’re here to have fun with you and create an amazing film you’re going to cherish forever!

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Michael hook - Owner | Filmmaker | Editor

Michael Hook is the founder and captain of the Flagship. With an advanced education in filmmaking and cinematography Michael created this studio to tell the greatest love story ever told... your love story! A true maestro when it comes to editing and filming Mike is a great addition to your wedding day team. After working on hundreds of weddings Mike knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable on your big day!

Fun Fact: Mike has visited 12 countries if you count the 11 at Epcot!

Favorite Wedding Moment: Once saw a bride break dance in her wedding gown before the reception began.

Email: Michael@FlagshipStudios.co

Let's connect on IG @itsmichaelhook

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Tommy Skleros - Filmmaker

Tommy has been aboard the Flagship since the beginning. The Co-Founder is a lifelong artist who's talents range from music, photography, woodworking and more. He's this centuries renaissance man and a lot of fun to hang out with on your big day.

Fun Fact: Tommy is also a Nuclear Physicist!

Favorite Wedding Moment: Ate the best cocktail hour food at a wedding on LBI!

Email: Tommy@FlagshipStudios.co

PS Check out Tommy's amazing photography work

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Teddy Felsberg - Filmmaker

Probably the nicest person on the planet, Ted, is an amazing filmmaker and a great photographer. A true master with any camera! Ted has the ability to make you feel relaxed and 100% comfortable on your wedding day!

Fun Fact: Loves cheesesteaks but not blueberries!

Favorite Wedding Moment: Captured a wedding ceremony on an air-balloon hundreds of feet off the ground!

Email: Teddy@FlagshipStudios.co

PS check out Ted's amazing photography work at

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Alyssa Kaufman - Filmmaker Extraordinare

The myth, the woman, the legend; Alyssa is an amazing filmmaker who is loved by everyone that works with her! Alyssa not only has the ability to make you feel relaxed but she will also have you cracking up throughout the day. You're going to love Alyssa.

Fun Fact: She used to be a stand up comedian!

Favorite Wedding Moment:  When the maid of honor sang One Week by Bare Naked Ladies while crowd surfing (It actually made me cry)