Breaking down wedding packages + Wedding Films

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What does all of this mean!
— Random Couple

Ok so I have something completely different for you today! After talking to some awesome couples this week I realized something is abundantly clear...people don't fully understand all of the lingo and buzz words that wedding videography studios throw around when trying to sell you a package. Have no fear! Today we're going to clear that up for you!

If you've ever reached out to us, you know that we don't "push" or "sell" anything. Instead we try to guide our awesome couples to the perfect package for their budget + expectations. We honestly don't care if you book our top package or our lowest package. As long as you're getting what's perfect for your wedding... we're happy! 

So let's just jump right into this and get down and dirty when it comes to the buzzwords, shall we?

Highlight Film vs Short Wedding Film

For years now wedding films have been shrinking. The days of 1,2, even 3 hour long wedding films are long gone; and for good reasons. You see, back in the day (it was a Tuesday) people would spend a ton of money to have a long wedding film made. They would watch it once, and, never again. That is so sad! Which is why wedding films have evolved into the beautiful cinematic pieces of art that you see today. So, if your package includes a "Short Wedding Film" or a "Highlight Film," that is your wedding film. That's the main component of the package. It's the film you're going to show off and watch again and again.

If you're looking at our studio, Flagship Studios. You'll notice we offer both of these films. So, what's the difference? From our standpoint the difference is in the way we tell the story. The other big difference is in the music we use. Our short wedding films are long. They usually range 5-10 minutes and we use cinematic music to drive the story. That's what brings on that emotional charge in our films. Now, these films are a lot more work to make and usually require more than one videographer. So, as you could imagine this is why their budget level is a little higher. Here is an example of one of our short wedding films: 


Our highlight films are a little shorter but still have our Flagship style of storytelling. They're a lot of fun and are what originally made our studio so sought after! We've recently brought on our newest brand "Black Pearl by Flagship" to help bring these awesome films to more and more couples. Now, with the highlight film it still shows the main parts of the day. But, it's set to your music. These are often films that can be produced with only one videographer. Here is an example of our highlight film. 

So which one is better?

Neither and both! Honestly, that can only be answered by you. Wedding films like weddings are not a one size fits all type of product. So, you have to decide which style fits your vission of your perfect wedding. We LOVE creating both so it's entirely up to you!

RAW Footage

What in the world is RAW footage?! That is a great question. So, RAW footage is EVERYTHING we film across ALL of our cameras on your wedding day. It includes the good shots, the great shots, and also the terrible shots. We really don't edit much out of it at all. It comes to you on an external hard drive in 1 hour videos. 

Why do you want RAW footage? Well, remember that when we are crafting your wedding film we're really only using the best shots, or, the shots that fit the story. But, that still leaves you with hours and hours of video footage from the biggest day of your life. I'm talking about preps, people hanging out, your loved ones having fun, and of course a ton of dancing. So, if you're looking for blackmail material... this is where you'll find it! 

Ceremony | First Dances | Toasts Film(s)

Our "Flagship Dream" package includes our awesome Short Film, but, also gives you a Ceremony Film, First Dances Film, and Toasts Film. Why would you want this? Well, there are times where couples have 60 minute long ceremonies. There are times where toasts can go on for hours. We take the very best parts of these events and include them in your wedding film. But, that still leaves you with a lot to see. That's why these could be important to you. But, won't you see all of that in your RAW footage? For sure! However, these films are edited; using external microphones, multiple cameras, and formed into their own little mini movies. You absolutely will see all of this in your RAW footage. But, if you want a more cleaned up experience... these films might be for you!

Digital Delivery vs Discs

We offer an amazing digital delivery experience. I'm going to include a video that shows it off below. For years discs like DVDs + BluRays were the standard. But, there are a couple issues with that. First, the discs can't hold the resolution we shoot at. Secondly, the discs can get scratched and eventually they won't be able to play anymore. With digital delivery you can back it up as many times as you want. You can easily send the link to your friends, family, and loved ones. It's just a cleaner and more efficient experience and you're going to love it!

Now, we do still offer discs. Most of our couples opt to recieve 4 DVDs and 4 BluRays. Which is awesome. These are great to give to parents and grandparents. As well as keep some for yourself. We just don't want this to be the only way you recieve your film. 

Hours vs Preps-Cake

This refers to how long your video team will be with you on your wedding day. You'll notice almost all of our packages include preps - cake. That's the perfect amount of time. After cake it's the same people on the dance floor, not to mention they are usually a little hydrated by that point. So not much that's captured after cake ever makes it into your film. That's why after cake.. it's about time for us to pack up. However, if you're doing a grand exit, maybe a sparkler send off, that is something we would stay to capture!

If your package includes hours it's usually to supply you with a more budget friendly option. Do you need full day coverage? Yes, but at the same time if you're only getting a highlight film, no not really! We can create a beautiful wedding film out of 8 hours! 


So what's it all mean?

In the end there is no right or wrong package. There is only the perfect package that fits your budget + expectations. Knowing what all of these buzzwords mean will only help you make a better educated decision when choosing your wedding package. THAT is our goal!

 If you have any more questions reach out and I'd love to chat with you ;) (.co not .com) or shoot us a message on Facebook!

Michael Hook