A videographers guide to looking like a rockstar during your toast!

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Your wedding is full of awesome events. But, one of the most important events of the night for your wedding videographer is going to be the toasts. Toasts are HUGE for wedding films. It's one of the parts of the day where we harvest a ton of great audio to help drive your story. Which is why we have a couple tips, tricks, and ideas to help your best man, maid of honor, parents, or whoever plans on giving a toast at your wedding.

Numero Uno: Don't Wander

If you're giving a toast or speech at a wedding, don't wander around the room. This is totally something people do when they're nervous. It's okay to be nervous but fight the urge to move around the room. Chances are the photographers and videographers have set up beautiful lighting to make you look like a rockstar during your toast. If you wander and walk around the room... you're now outside of the lighting, and it's going to look awful! So stay put and toast on!

Number Two: Face The Couple

A lot of venues, DJs, and coordinators will try to have you stand next to the couple as you give your toast. That's okay but it doesn't really feel natural. It also doesn't look the best for photos and videos. If possible ask to stand about 10-15ft away from the couple facing them. This will give you an organic look. You'll seem like you're having a conversation with the couple instead of addressing the crowd. From a videography standpoint we can make you look amazing when you stand in this fashion vs standing next to the couple. Lastly, facing the couple will allow you to shut down the fact that you're public speaking (for those that get nervous). It's just you and the awesome couple lost in a very special moment!

Numero Tres: Don't Get Wasted

We've all been there before! It's the night before the wedding and we can't sleep because we're so nervous about public speaking. So, the natural thing to do when you arrive at an open bar... seems to be dipping into the liquid courage. Don't do it. You're going to look so much better and sound so much better if you hold off on getting blasted until after the toasts. 

Number Four: Have Fun

At the end of the day... have fun! This is an important momment that is going to be imortalized in photos + videos forever. This is something really special for the couple. But, most importantly, how cool is it that this awesome couple asked you to speak on their big day?! Have fun with!

Michael Hook