This is not a wedding highlight film!

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Highlight Film VS Short Wedding Film

What's the difference between our "Short Wedding Film" and a traditional "Wedding Highlight Video?"  If you've seen any of our wedding videos you may have noticed that our short wedding films are a little different than the way others create their wedding films. To us a highlight video is your basic music video style of a wedding film. Where random clips from the day are set to a song that the couple loves. Their is nothing wrong with this type of wedding video. A lot of couples and studios love these, and that's awesome. But, for us... it's all about your story!

Our wedding films are short, so it's easy to see why at a glance some people compare them to highlight films. But, the reality.... is so much more :) 

We are filmmakers. We are storytellers. We are documentarians. We bring all of those philosophies to your wedding. On average we spend 36,000 seconds at your wedding. Each one of those seconds is a piece of the puzzle that becomes your wedding story. Using the beautiful words spoken during your day and the stunning imagery we create ... we weave a film together that doesn't document every little detail. But, it does create something entertaining and beautiful. Something that you're going to want to watch again and again. Using music that is designed to immerse you into an emotional state to relive your big day we drive a story that is going to be your window into the past for years to come. 

Some couples come to us wanting an old school wedding film. They want the 60+ minute documentary edit. Which a lot of studios still offer to this day. Those are fun. But, they are long. Creating a 60+ minute film means we're in the mindset of quantity of quality which is a place we don't like to be. Now, when we create our short wedding films. We're in a place of pure quality! Meaning, when we create a super long wedding film it's going to have boring parts. But, when we craft a short wedding film it's going to be awesome from start to finish. It's going to be long enough to tell your whole story but short enough to be something your going to want to watch again and again! 

We love being filmmakers, we love weddings, and we love our couples! So if you're planning a wedding we want to chat with you. Let us help you plan your dream wedding. We're always around to bounce ideas off of, to help you with referrals for awesome vendors, and to just be there for you! Feel free to fill out our contact form or shoot me an email at

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