A Short Wedding Film: Jen + Pat

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Let me tell you a story....
This wedding was so much fun to be part of. Jen and Pat are amazing and two of the coolest people I know. Their wedding was beautiful and they had one of the coolest teams of vendors we've been part of to date! We had the pleasure of shooting alongside their NJ Wedding Photographer, LeAnna Theresa Photography. Who we absolutely love. We also got to rock out with their amazing NJ Wedding Band. And of course we were honored to be their NJ Wedding Videographers!

It all started with an amazing church along the Jersey Shore. The ceremony was held in an old church in Ortley that was recently redone. Sitting a long the beach it was the perfect setting for this NJ Wedding. Which brings us to one of the funny #ProductionStories of the day...

The weather was beautiful for Jen and Pat's wedding. When we got to the church we noticed the wind was.... well, it was crazy :) The wind gusts were pretty extreme. But, we had to show off this amazing little church and the beautiful beach in the film. The best way to do that is from the sky. So, the drone is up high capturing amazing images. When all of a sudden... it can't come in. The wind was so strong that it was pulling the drone out to sea. Even flying at 40mph. For a split second the wind broke and the drone came barreling into the beach like a UFO! 

After checking out the footage.... it was totally worth it :)

#Screengrabs from post production

The night ended with an amazing party put on by one of the coolest wedding bands we've seen to date. Not only we're they amazing but the footage we got of them includes some of my favorite shots of the night! Their party was at Atlantis Ballroom which is a pretty awesome NJ Wedding venue not to far from the Beach! 

This wedding is going down as one of my favorites for sure! So now it's time to check out their short wedding film. After hours of editing, audio design, and color grading... I think we're left with something more than a highlight film. This is a wedding film! Something they are going to cherrish forever! So grab your popcorn and your tissues... this is, Jen + Pat. 

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