A Short Wedding Film: Kaitlyn + Elisha

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Let me tell you a story. A story about a bride and groom who we’re absolutely oozing with love and bursting with emotion! Okay story is over … watch the film!

Just kidding :) So, I had the absolute honor and pleasure to tell K+E’s story. These two are absolutely amazing. The love that they had for each other was so real and so intense that it seemed every time I hit record … we captured magic. Which was awesome.

Their NJ Wedding took place at the stunning NJ Wedding Venue, Lucien’s Manor. Lucien’s is always a fun spot to film at since the property is gorgeous, and, the staff is always great to us. I spent the day filming alongside the super talented NJ Wedding Photographer, Felsberg Photography. Which is always a great time and a huge bonus for this wedding since it was a Flagship Solo shoot. When it’s a solo shoot communication between the photographer and videographer is crucial. Of course I was honored that Flagship Studios was their NJ Wedding Videographer.

#screenshots from the post production work on this film

The day after the wedding I was in the studio going through all of the footage. I remember looking at shot after shot and being so excited and blown away at the pure emotions captured at K+E’s wedding. This is the first Flagship wedding of 2018. It had to start the year off with a home run. You know what? I think that’s exactly what happened. Everything came together on this wedding, as it always does. K+E had an amazing team of vendors, an amazing venue, and they we’re head over heals in love. Which all comes together to form one killer wedding film.

Grab your popcorn, put your phones on silent…. Unless you’re watching on your phone, because that would be weird :) and get ready to check out this awesome short wedding film!


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Michael Hook