Not Just Wedding Filmmakers

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We are well known as NJ Cinematic Wedding Filmmakers, but, the whole story... is so much more than that :) 

Over two years ago we embarked on what would become an amazing journey that started with a small video project. It was a small and simple video project, capturing interviews with people that had been impacted in some way by Down syndrome. What we didn't know was that this small project would be be so emotional and so impactful that it would be the catalyst for a and epic journey and a way to change the world's perception of Down syndrome, through art. 


That film exploded into the organization,, which has been changing the way the world sees Down syndrome and has gained praise and attention from around the world! Since then we've had the pleasure of creating video projects and documentaries with All with the intent of changing the stigmas people have of Down syndrome. Since then we've gotten to tell the stories of people with Down syndrome breaking all the rules and limitations of their lives. Going to school, having jobs, and having a hopeful future. 

Now, we sit here, just three weeks from taking on the biggest project NothingDown has ever done. Which will be a project and a story that everyone is going to love and it's going to hit you right in the "feels" (as the young people say haha).

If you haven't checked out yet, you should! The work they are doing to change the perception of Down syndrome and to give new parents hope... is awesome. We love creating these films and taking on this adventure. And you know what..... we're just getting warmed up :) 

Michael Hook