Last Night: J+P

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Let me tell you about last night :) 
Sometimes for weddings everything comes together perfectly. Last night with J+P was no exception. We had the pleasure of shooting alongside LeAnna Theresa Photography and rocking out to one of the coolest bands we've seen to date at an NJ Wedding. It was  a blast crafting this story along the shores of NJ.

99% of the day I take a very laid back and hands off approach to wedding filmmaking. I want things to unfold naturally and as they normally would if no one with a camera was present. This approach works especially well when you have a Wedding Couple like J+P. They we're great together and it's going to really come across in their wedding film :) 


This NJ Wedding is going to be one for the books. An awesome couple, amazing photography, epic band, and all added up to one awesome party at a sweet NJ Wedding Venue, The Atlantis Ballroom. I can't wait to craft this story into a beautiful wedding film :) 

#BTS #STORY (behind the scenes): Fun fact! It was so windy on the beach during the creative shoot that the drone almost couldn't make it back to land as the wind guests we're "encouraging" it to move further and further out to sea. However, by a shred of luck the wind died down for a split second and the drone came barreling into the beach. Saving the day and our awesome Wedding Drone footage :) 

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