Last Night: K+E

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I'm actually getting to this one a little late but let me tell you about last night :) 
We're lucky to have some of the coolest couples in the world! It's an absolute blast getting to hang out with these amazing NJ Brides + NJ Grooms at their weddings and tell their stories. This wedding did not disappoint! 

K+E's NJ Wedding was absolutely amazing. Their were so many emotional moments throughout the day. Which is awesome from a wedding filmmaker's standpoint because all of that natural emotion will shine through on the big screen. 

We take a pretty laid back approach to NJ Wedding Videography so whenever couples are oozing with emotion and love for each other it makes their wedding that much better for us! I am so excited to release their film and share this awesome love story with the world. 

We had the pleasure of shooting alongside one of the best NJ Wedding Photographers at this wedding, Ted Flesberg of We also had the pleasure of rocking out at one of our favorite NJ Wedding Venues, Lucien's Manor! 

Michael Hook