Upgrades That Actually Help Your Film

To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade

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This blog is going to be a little different. We're continuing our tips and tricks series but taking a different route. Today we're going to talk about 2 upgrades you can get from other vendors that will actually help your film. We're not saying you have to do these things. But, if it's in your budget and you're on the fence about it... do it! 

Let There Be Light

This one goes out to your DJ! If your DJ offers intelligent lighting and uplighting... grab it! This adds an amazing atmosphere to your wedding and your film. We absolutely love it when a DJ brings great quality lights. The intelligent lights bring an extra dimension and layer to our films. We get so excited when we walk into a reception and see them set up :) 

Check out the dancing scenes from Sam+Shannon's highlight to see how the lights take your wedding to the next level.

The only lights we would say stay away from are the laser dots. They're cool and a lot of fun. But, they don't look great in photos or videos. However if your DJ does use the laser dot lights it's all good we can still make your party scenes look amazing!

If you're still looking for an awesome DJ reach out to DJ Joe Falco and see how he can use his expertise to make your reception perfect!


To Booth Or Not To Booth

We've heard multiple vendors say they don't like when couples get photo booths. They think it takes away from the party. We couldn't disagree more. A booth is an awesome way to give your guests something fun to do. On top of that we usually get some killer shots of guests having fun and it just adds to the atmosphere. 

There are tons of styles of photo booths today. You can go with an enclosed one, an open air one, or even a GIF booth like what we have! If you're looking for a traditional type booth reach out to your DJ and they'll hook you up. 

If you want to go with something new and original check out our GIF booth. It's not for everyone but this is a huge hit. It's a lot of fun and extremly addicting! Check out the highlights from the last wedding we brought the GIF booth too:

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