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We live in an amazing industry where you can learn from anyone and everyone! Everyday we’re striving to get better and push the boundaries of wedding filmmaking. From skills, gear, tricks, marketing, and client experiences and everything in between. It’s an adventure; and we want you to join us on it. Here you’ll find free resources curated by the Flagship Team and some links to courses, items, and other goodies that we think will help your filmmaking journey. If you have any questions just reach out. We love to talk shop!


Free Flagship Courses

We get a ton of messages from wedding filmmakers and friends in the industry asking how we do certain things and how achieve certain looks in our wedding films. We’re slowly putting together some free courses to lay out exactly what we do and what gear we use. Who knows it just might be the tool missing from your repertoire that you’ve been looking for! As we find free time we will be updating and creating more courses. [Click The Picture]

Wedding Crashers podcast

The Wedding Crashers Podcast is an amazing resource you should be checking out. The Crashers Crew is bringing some of the coolest people in the wedding industry straight to your living room; for in depth chats filled with hilarious shenanigans. You’re going to love this show! [Click The Picture]

The Flagship presets

Right now we have two super dope FCPX presets for you. One that mimics that dreamy tilt shift look, which is perfect for drone shots. We also have a preset that gives you that Hollywood Black Pro Mist look. Which is awesome for certain moments of a wedding! [Click The Picture]

hooked [quick tips + thoughts for pros]

Get inside the mind of award winning filmmaker Michael Hook with quick tips, thoughts, and ideas on filmmaking. This blog will cover everything from ideas on business, filmmaking, editing, and everything in between when it comes to wedding filmmaking! (click the picture above)


The Gear Bag

I get so many questions when it comes to filmmakers buying new gear so we’re going to start The Gear Bag section. Where you can check out what gear The Flagship Team is using and loving. I think some of this might surprise you. We don’t go for the most expensive, we don’t always go for the most popular. We love to use the gear that gets us the best quality and will last 100+ weddings. So what are we using right now?


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