Planning should be exciting …

If you're planning a wedding, take a deep breath! This process should be fun, exciting, and stress-free! Over the years and after being part of hundreds weddings we've realized we have a ton of information rolling around in our brains that can help couples plan their wedding. Use these tips and tricks if they fit your vibe. Hopefully you'll be able to take something away from our years of experience! 

If you're feeling overwhelmed and need help, or, to bounce ideas off someone; feel free to reach out. We love to talk about weddings and are always available to answer any questions and help in any way for FREE! It's just what we love to do :) Okay let's begin!


Step One:

Gathering Your Wedding Day Team!

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When Should I Book My Vendors

This comes up a lot and I'm still pretty shocked at what most sources say on this topic. I don't know if we just work with some of the best vendors around or what... but in our experience you're going to want to book your big three as soon as possible! Who are the your three? I believe they are your Venue, Photo/Video, and DJ/Entertainment. I can't tell you how many couples we speak to on a weekly basis that we have to turn away because we are fully booked for their wedding... even one year out from their wedding. The same goes for our DJ, Photo, and Band friends. We recommend reaching out to these vendors as soon as you know your wedding date! How do you get your wedding date? Start by visiting your favorite venues!


Venue: ASAP

Venues book up years in advance. So, as soon as possible you should reach out to your favorite venues. Set up a time to take a tour and check out everything they have to offer. We have shot at some of the most beautiful locations in NJ, NY, PA, MD, and TN. We don't have enough space to type all of our favorites! We're going to list some of our favorite NJ Wedding Venues below. But, it's definetly not the full list. If you know you're style or vibe, reach out and we can help you narrow down the best venue for your perfect wedding!

Some Of Our Favorites: The Sea Shell Resort - Beach Haven, NJ  |  Bayonet Farms, Holmdel, NJAshford Estates - Allentown, NJ 

Photo+Video: 12 - 18 Months

At the time of writing this, it is one month into the year and we are 99% booked for this year and quickly filling up for next year. The same goes for our Photographer friends. That's why we recommend reaching out to your favorite photographers and videographers as soon as you have your wedding date. The sooner the better. For this, I said 1 year out, but that's a rough timeline. If your 18 months out... even better! Now, if you're on a mission to throw your wedding right after getting engaged you still should reach out to your favorite wedding photographers and videographers. Just know that you might not get who you want. Since their calendars may be full. But, it never hurts to try!

DJ/Entertainment: 9 - 12 Months

After years of weddings we can't stress enough how important your DJ/Band is to your wedding. They are in control once your reception starts. Forget their ability to keep the party going. Most couples don't realize the crucial role your DJ/Band plays in coordinating with your photographer + videographer to make sure everyone is where they need to be when the important events happen. A good DJ/Band knows that your photographer + videographers have to set up for each event - toasts, first dances, cake, etc... They won't start these events without making sure everyone is ready to rock. Long story short... your DJ/Band plays a bigger role in your wedding than they usually get credit for! 

P.S. - If your DJ/Band offers a professional lighting package that includes intelligent lighting ... GET IT! Things like intelligent lighting, dancing on the clouds, indoor sparklers, help take your images to the next level!


The Big Day:

Tips For The Day

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The Big Day

Tips to make the day more enjoyable!



Have you every experienced a day where time seemed to stand still? Where every time you looked down at your phone only a minute had passed? Guess what?! That will not happen on your wedding! For some reason wedding days fly by at a ridiculous pace. There is nothing we can do about that. But, we can plan for it. Give yourself time! Make sure you're not cutting it close on anything. This is especially true for your photo/creative session. The more time the better. Give your self little windows throughout the day to relax. These windows are perfect for when your ceremony runs late or your limo takes the wrong turn. Building a bunch of time into your wedding day does two things. It makes it less stressful when things happen, and, it gives your photographers and videographers more time to get creative and create art that you're going to love forever!


Light is the best friend of photographers and videographers. But, it's something that you might not think of. Why does that matter? The morning of your wedding you'll most likely be the first person to arrive on the scene. Which means you can scout out the best places to set up hair + makeup. What's the best place? Right by the biggest most beautiful window! That natural light is going to take your photos and videos to the next level. Often we arrive and the hair + makeup teams have everyone in the bathroom... that's not going to look the greatest for your photos. Ask them to set up near a big beautiful window. This little trick will have a huge impact on your images!

P.S. - This applies to everyone! It doesn't matter if you're the bride or groom. Setting up near a source of natural light will always be your best bet! 


What's our last tip... RELAX! Now, we completely understand that it's hard to relax on your wedding day. But, whenever you catch yourself stressing... take a breath. Your photos and videos will look so much better when you're showing off your natural smile. Everyone can spot a forced smile. So relax and show us the beautiful real you! Plus, this day is about you. This is your wedding. Relax and let's have some fun! You deserve it!



Some Awesome Things We've Experienced

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Awesome things we've experienced at weddings

Over the years we've seen and experienced some amazing things at weddings. Here we're going to talk about those in random order. You never know, maybe one of these will spark your inspiration!


White Castle Stand?!

Oh you read that right! We got to experience the delicious addition of a White Castle Burgers + Fries stand during desert at an awesome NYC Wedding! Love it or hate it... this is sure to stand out at a wedding!

Same Day Painting?!

At a beautiful wedding overlooking the NYC skyline we had the pleasure of meeting an amazing painter. During the wedding he turned a scene from the ceremony into an absolutely stunning painting. Talk about an awesome heirloom!

A Grand Exit!

We've had the pleasure of being a part of some of the coolest exits and send offs. From fire works to bubbles and everything in between. But, what about releasing glowing lanterns into the sky as we film from the ground and with the drone ;)

Is That A Photo Booth?!

Not all photo booths are made the same. Over the years we've scene everything from your standard booths to 360 booths, Vintage Van Booths, Slow Motion Booths, Green Screen Booths... the options are endless and you can have a lot of fun by choosing any of these!

A Gift For Guests?!

No one ever knows what to give as a favor to their guests. Some of the more unique things we've scene are Homemade Moon Shine (looking at our Southern Weddings), Caricatures, Candy Bars, Wine, and our personal favorite.... a food truck at the exit of the wedding!

The Tear Jerker!

Want to make your guests cry? Of course you do. We've been at several weddings where either the bride or groom would record a personalized intro to their Mom or Dad during the parents dances. Not a dry eye in the room! Talk to your DJ about making this happen!


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