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Not your everyday photobooth…

Are you ready to GIF?! Or better yet, are you ready to laugh uncontrollably as you check out all of the hilarious GIFs your guests create of themselves? If you’re looking for something more than a traditional photobooth… we’ve definitely got you covered!


What is a GIF Photobooth?

Our Flagship GIF Photobooth is a new take on a modern day photobooth. Your guests grab a prop and strike a pose! Then the booth creates a short animated video otherwise known as a GIF. That GIF is uploaded right to your guests phone via text/email. From there these hilarious GIFs go right to Social Media and at the end of the day you get a copy of ALL of them!


1) Grab A Prop!

2) Strike A Pose!

3) Send It Right To Your Phone!

This was so much fun! It’s addictive and awesome!
I wish we could have had something like this at my wedding.
I can’t believe how much of a hit this was!

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