Quick Tip | Emailing The Other Vendors

Communication Is Key

How many times have you seen videographers or photographers complaining in Facebook groups about someone getting in their shot or someone ruining their shot, flow, mashed potatoes, etc. Right?! We’ve all seen this. Look, if you have a specific way of shooting or a signature shot and you don’t tell the other people working the alongside you that you need that shot… no one is ever going to know. Yet, we all assume everyone should know exactly how we work and what we do without us ever taking the time to communicate.

We judge ourselves on our intentions... but, we charge others on their actions
— Ted

We have to remember that our egos get in the way far too often in the creative industry. We’re all rockstars and we all somehow get the sense that we are the most important vendor for that couple. However, the truth is the couple is the most important aspect of the day. The couple hired the photographer, the couple hired the videographer, the couple hired the DJ. So, in reality we’re all important. And, when one of us get’s blocked or isn’t able to do our best on a wedding day, it only hurts the couple. Keep that in mind.


So how do we side step any issues and set the wedding day up for success? C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N.
Here’s what we do. Once you have all of the timelines and info from your amazing couple, grab their vendors emails. Take a moment to shoot each vendor an email introducing yourself. Here is the exact email we use:

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 9.02.47 AM.png

Hey [Amazing Vendor]!

This is [Your Name] from [Your Website]. Hey we’re [Your Client’s Name] videographers! I just wanted to reach out and say hey before the wedding! We are super laid back and easy to work with (insert your style if it’s different). Let me know if there is anything you need to make your day easier!

[Your Name]

[Your Website]

Here is the deal, this might not get rid of all issues you’ll encounter with other vendors. But, taking this approach will at least open the door for communication with the vendors you’re going to encounter. It also sets the tone that you’re a team player. Remember, if you’ve had a rough encounter with another vendor, it means everyone has. So, throwing the next team your working with a rope like this, its going to give them a sense of relief.

Try it out! Let me know what you think!

Michael Hook