Flagship Friends

It takes a team to pull of your dream wedding! Below you will find some of our industry friends that love to work with our Flagship Couples. If you’re still in the planning process of your wedding some of these amazing vendors may be exactly what you’re looking for!


Makeup Artists

Having an amazing makeup artist for your wedding day is great! There are so many talented MUAs around. Here are a few we see all the time and LOVE working with. (Click the button to learn more)


Bridal Budior

Bridal Boudoir is something that has been taking the wedding industry by storm. It might not be for everyone but if you’re thinking about it we can’t say enough great things about our friends over at Sweet + Sultry Boudoir! (Click the button to learn more)

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There are so many different types of photobooths to choose from! From GIF Booths, Open Air Booths, Magic Mirror Booths and everything in between! We’ve got three awesome photobooth suppliers for you to check out! (Click the button to learn more)



We’ve seen florists transform spaces into wedding dreamscapes! These amazing artists can be your best friend for taking your wedding decor to the next level. There are tons of amazing florists; below you’ll find the rockstars we’ve worked with and LOVE! (Click the button to learn more)


Wedding planners + Design

A wedding planner + coordinator can be an awesome addition to your wedding team! These amazing artists can take your dream and ideas and turn it into a reality! Check out some of the rockstars we LOVE to work with!


Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Musicians

What’s cooler than having live music at your ceremony or letting your guests rock out during cocktail hour? If you think that might be the right fit for your wedding check out our friends below! (Click the button to learn more)


Bride Guide Podcast

If you’re planning a wedding and not tuning into the Bride Guide Podcast, you should be! Wedding planning doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you can get some amazing inside information from actual wedding professionals. Check it out!