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We're starting something new with Flagship University. This is going to be a FREE resource center for wedding filmmakers of all levels to peak behind the scenes of Flagship Studios and see our methods and how we handle producing wedding films, documentaries, and commercial films. Everyday when I'm editing I constantly get messages from industry friends asking how we do this, and how we do that. Which is amazing. I love to help people. So that's where this idea came from. I can help a lot more people by publishing our tricks, techniques, and behind the scenes info here! We're going to start with the basics and randomly go from there. So, if you're if you like our films and want to learn how we do it... this is the spot. Let's have some fun :) 


Wedding Filmmaking Courses

Wedding Beats

Music and sound is so important in our films! Looking for an awesome place to get your music and sound effects from? Check out our friends at:


FCPX Presets

Want to Beta-test the new Flagship FCPX presets?! We're currently developing a ton of presets based off of our signature looks to help wedding filmmakers add a special pop to their films. Click the link below to see our Flagship Tilt-Shift + Flagship Black Pro Mist Filters. Both are drag and drop in FCPX with a ton of customization! Contact us today to test our presets 100% FREE!


Captain's Blog

Get in the mind of Michael Hook on all things wedding filmmaking with the Captain's Blog. Read tips, tricks, thoughts, and reviews geared towards other filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers/wedding studio owners! 


Reach Out

Have something specific you want to learn or go over? Reach out I'm always available to talk about weddings and filmmaking. Fill out the form, shoot me an email, or send me a message. 

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