Introducing The Flagship FCPX Presets

Let's Drag + Drop

It's story time! It's seems every time we release a Flagship Studios wedding film, my inbox fills up with messages from videography friends asking "How'd you do this?!" or "How'd you do that?!" Which is totally awesome and I appreciate everyone watching our films. But, I wanted to make some thing super easy for my filmmaking friends. So I decided to take some of the effects I do in FCPX to every film and create super easy drag and drop presets. 

But, that's been done to death... right? Wrong! And, here is why. There are a ton of FCPX presets out there. But, the majority of those presets are for color correcting. Which is amazing and can totally take your film to a new level. However, this preset pack is not meant for color grading. 

In this FCPX preset pack you're going to get two of my favorite actions (or effects). The Flagship Tilt and The Flagship Black Promist. 

My absolute favorite of these two is the Flagship Tilt. This preset was actually designed out of necessity. I love the tilt shift look. But, we shoot Sony and Sony has yet to release an FE mount tilt shift. So, I designed a way to do this in post. This preset can give a punch to your boring shots. I specifically love this for Drone shots. One of the things that stinks about drones is the fact that most models don't have the ability to give you a depth of field. So adding the Flagship Tilt allows you to add that effect in post. You have to dial this effect in. If you do it the wrong way it can ruin the shot. If you do it subtly it can make everything beautiful. 

As of right now I'm keeping this preset pack as a 100% free gift to filmmakers. You just have to reach out and ask to test them out. I am developing a ton more! I want to help everyone kick their edits up a bit! So stay tuned and keep an eye out as we continue to evolve the Flagship FCPX Presets Pack!

Michael Hook